P2Pool Bonus Hash Rate Raffle


How much XMR can I earn if I join?

See: Estimated Rewards

Which P2Pool sidechains are supported?

See: Supported Sidechains

Do I need a live share in the p2pool PPLNS window to win the raffle?

Yes, a share on the main or mini sidechain is required to win.

How can I mine on P2Pool and donate to the raffle on a single computer?

Try GUPAXX: https://github.com/Cyrix126/gupaxx

How can I check if my donation hashrate is being properly accepted by the raffle?

Check the History page, you should see your donation HR avg. displayed.

I lost my token, how can I recover it?

Register a new wallet address or ask for help in the chatroom.

Is there an API?

Public: https://xmrvsbeast.com/p2pool/stats

Miner: https://xmrvsbeast.com/cgi-bin/p2pool_bonus_history_api.cgi?address=WALLET_ADDRESS&token=TOKEN

Is there a list of public Monero nodes that can be used with P2Pool?

See: Monero Nodes

Is there a Tor or I2P gateway for this site?

I2P: http://xmrvsbeast.i2p

My question was not answered, where can I ask it?

Chatroom: https://matrix.to/#/#xmrvsbeast:monero.social

Community: https://monero.town/c/xmrvsbeast